Venedik Catering is one of the brand of  Venedik Food & Beverage Group. Our company take the best service as a goal in accordance with our work experiences and quality standards since 1979. In addition to wide product and service quality, Venedik Catering make a difference with a private menu for each person.


M. Osman Sezener
Melodi N. Sezener



Venedik Catering meets the requests of customers with the private menu. Before describing the menu; concept, place, number of people, etc. will be held to discuss all the requests of the customer on meeting. After the meeting menu is formed according to requests, our chefs; Melodi and Osman Sezener take into consideration to seasonality and local products while describing the menu. Venedik Catering turns your private events to the feast! Enjoy!


Venedik Catering indigenized a manifest of ‘farm to table‘. So with the Venedik Farm, we are serving a good, organic and quality product to our customers.


M. Osman Sezener

M. Osman Sezener was born in Izmir in 1982. After graduating from American Collegiate Institute in Izmir, he studied tourism and hotel management at Bilkent University. He also studied French Culinary Institute New York, Grand Diploma Classical Culinary Arts, Fundamentals of Wine, Institute of Culinary Education New York and Techniques of Italian Cuisine about his profession. After completed his education; M. Osman Sezener worked in several restaurants from all over the world like; Çırağan Palace Hotel Kempinski, Avoce Restaurant New York, Le Cirque Restaurant New York, Tava Restaurant New York and Sunset Grill & Bar İstanbul. He also worked as a lecturer in various universities from 2010 to 2016. M. Osman Sezener is member of Slow Food, Chaine des Rotisseurs and World Association of Chefs Societies.

Melodi N. Sezener

Melodi N. Sezener was born in Izmir in 1985. After graduating from American Collegiate Institute in Izmir, she studied business administration at Koç University. Melodi N. Sezener continued her education in APICIUS International School of Hospitality (which is one of the department of Florence University of Arts) in Culinary Arts. After finishing her education, she worked in several restaurants in Italy. Thereafter she worked in Çırağan Palace Hotel Kempinski. With the year 2013, Melodi N. Sezener started to work as a lecturer in Izmir University of Economics for a few years. Also she has been working as a catering coordinator in Venedik group since October 2013.